Mercia Blakewood IV: Survival

Coming to buy soon: Survival, the fourth Mercia Blakewood story!

Last year I revisited my short novel Survival, a new Mercia Blakewood story I originally released during lockdown in eight parts, each featuring a tale told by a character of the times: the plague year of 1665, taking place directly after the events of Traitor. Mercia Blakewood and sidekick Nicholas Wildmoor investigate a mysterious group of musicians fleeing London – but is it just the plague they are running from? And what really happened in the forest that night they say they were attacked?

I’ve since added a brand new chapter to the story and will be publishing the whole in ebook form soon. So if you’ve loved Mercia’s adventures to date, or want something shorter to get into before starting on the earlier full-length novels, be sure to check it out!

Thank you for supporting authors and our fiction. Every book you buy means a happy writer able to pursue the thing we love most – writing great stories. More details on how to get hold of Survival and on other upcoming projects to follow…

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To learn more about Mercia’s journey to date (no spoilers!), check out my video interview from the Capital Crime digital festival. And to discover some of the history behind the novels, check out the blog section of this site.

Love Crime? Love History? Love Mercia Blakewood

Birthright is a vividly rendered historical novel. . . Hingley offers an unflinching exploration of love and betrayal.”

– Dr. Amanda Foreman, Historian and Former Chair of the Booker Prize

The acclaimed Mercia Blakewood trilogy – Birthright, Puritan and Traitor – is a fast-paced crime series relating Mercia’s gripping tale as she journeys through Restoration England and America, striving to find justice for herself and those around her. With an exceptional blend of fictional and real-life characters, the lively story is woven around the never-dull history of the time. Beginning in Stuart London, the drama later moves to the frontiers of America and back, as Mercia finds that life in the New World is as dangerous as that in the Old.

Thrilling – a must for fans of historical crime fiction”

– Historical Novels Review

Birthright, the first novel in the series, sees Mercia on the hunt for a great prize for the King, facing murder, intrigue and lust as she combats the expectations of her time. The second novel, Puritan, picks up the story in the wilds of New England, where Mercia must battle a serial killer with a gruesome agenda. Traitor, the third novel, sees Mercia back in England, in a clandestine role at the heart of the royal court to unmask a treasonous spy.

The portrayal of Charles II’s court is full of colour. It also reeks with sin.”

– For Winter Nights

Birthright, Puritan and Traitor are available in hardback, paperback, ebook and audio formats. They are published in print by Allison and Busby and in audio versions by ISIS Publishing.

A cracking historical mystery, full of colourful characters, an intriguing story line and an evocative sense of the period”

– What Cathy Read Next

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